Bales of securely shred paper waste, Closed Loop ream of 100 % recycled copier paper
   First high volume product of its kind in Europe      3 main benefits of Closed Loop are: it’s secure, cost-effective and environmentally beneficial      Banner has produced over 2.5 billion sheets of Closed Loop copier paper      Winner of a National Recycling Award and a Zero Waste Award      Produced only from paper collected from our customer’s premises      Closed Loop recently featured in The Sunday Times and The Independent
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Banner's 100% recycled Closed Loop copier paper

Dispose of your confidential documents

We will collect your confidential waste paper and ensure that it is securely shredded, either on or off-site. Our secure paper disposal methods mean you can be confident that there will be no loss of data.

Recycle your paper waste
Once we have shredded your documents, we clean the pulp and recycle the waste paper. Banner's Closed Loop paper is 100% recycled quality A4 copier paper.

Re-use your recycled waste paper
We create a Closed Loop by delivering your recycled paper waste back to you that you can use and securely recycle again and again.

How is our Closed Loop solution different from others?  

Our Closed Loop recycling is unique because the waste paper we dispose of for our clients is segregated at the mill, prior to shredding. Therefore our clients receive back recycled paper originating from their own waste.

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